Prohibited Uses

No use images, content or displays from site is permitted without written consent from Lauri Rose. For example, without the prior written consent of Lauri Rose, you may not, nor may you allow others to, directly or indirectly:
1.Remove, from any copy of the content on our web sites, the copyright or other proprietary notices contained in the content on our web sites. 
2.Sell, modify or attempt to modify the content of our web sites in any way or reproduce or publicly display, perform or distribute or otherwise provide access to or use any content on our website for any public, commercial or non-educational or non-personal purpose, including, without limitation, use to advertise or solicit business or use of the content on any other web site. 
3.Delete or revise any of the content posted on our web sites.

4. Use any pictures, images, or content listed on the website without written consent from Lauri Rose.  

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